Wrap-up: Making Political Theatre With A Pulse


Today, my friends, there is a most positive and generous review of the XX performance by Peter Marks in the Washington Post. Thanks to our friends at The Inkwell and everyone else who helped make this event such a success.

And if you haven’t already, I’d suggest checking out the reviews of the show over at The Inkwell’s blog and also on Arthur Thinks (Hannah’s dad’s blog). There are some pictures on all of these links, but because I know you love photographs…

From A Political Menagerie by Llewellyn Hinkes. Pictured: Marietta Hedges, Frank Britton (and a two-dimensional Dick Cheney), and Elizabeth Jernigan. Photo by Melissa Blackall.

More pictures under the cut!

From Ceasefire Chow Mein by Patrick Bussink. Pictured: Bill Gillette, Andy Wassenich, and Al Twanmo. Photo by Melissa Blackall.
chow mein

From Untitled. Pictured: Patrick Bussink, Hannah Hessel, and Jonathon Church. Photo by Melissa Blackall.

From The Price of Perfection by Brett Abelman. Pictured: Brett Abelman, Betsy Rosen, Mike Grew, and Jason Schlafstein. Photo by Melissa Blackall.

From This Play’s Title Is Too Long To Fit On A Bumper Sticker by Kathleen Akerley. Pictured: Steven Carpenter, Andrew Price, and Kathleen Akerley. Photo by Melissa Blackall.
bumper sticker

All of the above photos are by Inkwell member & playwright Melissa Blackall – her new play, The F-Word, will be produced as part of the Inkwell festival next week. We highly suggest checking it out!

And here is a picture of our lovely audience, taken by myself:


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