Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few weeks, then you are probably aware that the Democratic and Republican National Conventions have been going on. One of the main highlights at both have been the Vice-Presidential picks.

In the blue corner we’ve got Joe Biden, who was our first profile of our Adopt-A-Candidate X Play Edition last November.  Biden’s experience as Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations committee and his years of experience in Congress are expected to fill the holes in Obama’s resume.

And in the red corner, John McCain announced Alaskan governor, former beauty pageant runner up and “hockey mom” Sarah Palin as his pick last Friday, throwing the nation into equal fits of loving fervor and fiery disdain. Opinions about Palin are deeply divided, ranging from people who think she’s a modern breath of fresh air for the party to those who think she’s disastrously unqualified.  Either way, there are already plenty of YouTube videos about her.


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