How can I get involved?

Are you interested in being part of eXtreme eXchange? We’re looking for writers, actors, directors, choreographers, musicians, political minds and creative thinkers.  If you’d like to join the dialogue email us at with your name and interests and we’ll put you on our mailing list so you’ll be in the know about upcoming mixers, Salons, X-plays, and other events in the DC Metro area. Also, feel free to email any questions that you have about our mission or upcoming projects.

Is there something you’ve found that you’d like to share on the blog? Email links to articles or essays to and we might just post them. We’re especially interested in seeing two sides of a story – or the same story reported from more than one perspective.  Anything you find interesting or relevant is fair game! If you regularly read any websites that would be a good addition to our Blogroll/Media links, email them to the above address as well. Thanks!


One Response to “How can I get involved?”

  1. kmcleod Says:

    “X-Plays Edition 6 coming in April! Stay tuned for date and location info.”

    I’m very interested; looking forward to updates.

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